Chapter 1582: Collecting Information

The chief warden’s headquarters was located in the most mysterious part of Winterdraw. There were many formations and restrictions around it, forbidding any strangers from entering.

Anyone who approached would trigger all the traps. Even if they were fortunate enough to evade one, the same wouldn’t be true for the ensuing ones. 

Moreover, the formations were reinforced by many guards that the chief warden had personally trained. They were masters of concealment, assassination, and assault. Unless one had an overwhelming advantage in strength, it was suicide to venture in unprepared.

The chief warden’s men and many subordinates were all gathered within the headquarter’s grand hall, awaiting their leader’s orders.

The chief himself wasn't a large man, but his eyes were uncommonly sharp. A single look from him seemed it could flay open a man’s soul; it was virtually impossible to hide any thoughts from him.

Behind the chief were four deathsworn. They were...

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