Chapter 1581: The Selection Concludes

Everyone was stunned by the sudden change taking place before them. Not by the dragon image alone, nor by the amazing duel between the two images, but rather the vicious counterattack the Jiang kid managed to mount in the face of adversity.

How much more was he hiding?

It was plain to see that he’d intentionally allowed Su Hong to strike the first blow.

In a martial bout, the person to make the first attack gained a tremendous advantage that wasn’t necessarily immediately obvious. Taking the initiative was extremely valuable.

Su Hong had done so quite handily here. Because of this, everyone thought that he would win for sure. Jiang Chen’s brilliant reprisal had stunned his entire audience!

Turning an attack back on its owner was one of the highest forms of the art. To crush an opponent with his own favorite move – a maneuver like that was fierce and powerful indeed.

A force hammered into Su Hong’s chest with the shattering of the giant eagle image. He tasted blood in his mouth, barely managing...

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