Chapter 1580: Image Against Image

Xie Wushang refrained from explaining himself. “Just keep watching if you don’t believe me.”

He had no concrete basis for his opinion. It was simply the intuition of a powerhouse, an appraisal born from sheer instinct

Su Hong wasn’t half bad and did indeed deserve his spot among the island’s top young geniuses. Even so, his demeanor fell short compared to this mysterious youngster surnamed Jiang.

The city lord had paid Jiang Chen little heed before his sudden rise. But when he focused attention on the youth, he’d noticed innumerable shocking things about the youngster.

Xie Wushang even had the impression that his empyrean subordinates might not be enough to cope with the power hidden inside the young man. Of course, that was nothing but intuition. He had no definite evidence.

The last round had finally arrived.

The face-off between Jiang...

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