Chapter 158: The Nine Magnificence Dew Wine that One Goes Crazy For

Chapter 158: The Nine Magnificence Dew Wine that One Goes Crazy For

One had to say, Jiang Chen’s list was an absolute tall order, and a very tall one at that.

It would be a pity if he gave up this chance to swindle through targeting weaknesses.

It wasn’t that Jiang Chen was greedy, but that he didn’t know when the next opportunity would come around if he missed this one. He’d finally borrowed the might of the three sites. If he didn’t leverage this advantage to its fullest potential, then all this scheming would have been wasted.

As for that minor character Lu Wuji, he could vent some of his anger if he killed Lu Wuji, but from Jiang Chen’s height, killing Lu Wuji was just like stepping on an ant.

At the heart of it, it was much more worth it to savagely rip Yang Zhao off.

When Yang Zhao returned home, his heart spasmed each time he looked at the list. All of the items on the list were rare and precious spirit ingredients.

It would be difficult for him to avoid ponying up vast sums if he wanted to collect them all. He made a brief calculation. If he wanted to gather all of them, it’d take at least one third of his earthly possessions.

One third of the wealth that he had accumulated from all those years of scraping off the fat of people, hoarding stolen...

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