Chapter 1579: The Final Opponent

“City Lord, is that kid really that strong?”

“Champion?? That requires overwhelming superiority. Many of my geniuses have just as much talent as him.”

“To think the city lord thinks so highly of this youth!”

Xi Wushang waved his hand. “Do any of you have definite information about him?”

An official checked the documents. “He arrived in the city not long ago. He even had his share of run-ins with the city guards a while ago and completed several good deeds in passing.”

“Good deeds?” The crowd blinked collectively.

Virtue was almost foreign to Sin City. Its inhabitants knew only evil. The city wouldn’t have been called such otherwise. 

“Correct. Soon after arriving in the city, he saved a poisoned middle-aged cultivator on the verge of dying. Afterwards, he ran into trouble with the city guards, but provided critical care for a guard...

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