Chapter 1578: Absolutely Stunning

Compared to previous opponents, the little fatty displayed no impudence after entering the arena. Instead, he feigned weakness.

Pretending weakness, eh?

Jiang Chen was unmoved. Whether his opponent was a braggart or a wimp, his own performance wouldn’t be affected.

“I’m Lin Hui. My martial cultivation is rather shallow. After seeing your incredible skill, friend, I don’t think I can defeat you. My presence here is just for show. Please go easy on me.” The fatty spoke in a defeated tone.

Jiang Chen was completely impassive and didn’t bat an eyelid. 

And yet, the little fatty suddenly launched into motion. His body sprang up like a bouncy leather ball, propelling with rapidity that was the opposite of what his figure would suggest. Once airborne, he scattered a rain of snowflake-like throwing weapons at Jiang Chen’s head.

A remarkable sneak attack!

In response, Jiang Chen’s body flared with aureate light. In the next moment,...

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