Chapter 1577: Domination with One Move

Wang Kui’s antics amused Jiang Chen to no end. The more the man puffed himself up, the more Jiang Chen suspected the man was a weakling. An expert who was truly strong inside and out didn’t need to employ such methods of intimidating his opponent. His aura and poise upon the arena alone would display his strength for the world to see.

Bullying in the stands was pathetic behavior and the furthest thing from frightening. How could someone who’d made it to the final sixty-four be scared by a look?

Jiang Chen certainly wouldn’t, and he doubted anyone would.

Wang Kui treated the young man’s scorn as a kind of fear. He was rather pleased with himself; this opponent of his didn’t have the courage even to lock eyes with him!

In actuality, Jiang Chen calmly observing the battles in the ring. This was a fight between great emperors, but the spectacle was remarkably impressive. The great emperors of Winterdraw were unquestionably a cut above the human domain’s, whether it...

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