Chapter 1575: Challenging The Elite Round

Sure enough, checkpoints fraught with dangers abounded and difficulties awaited at every turn in the passage. Jiang Chen hopped over the bloody jaws, but before he could reach top speed, dragons of fire baring their fangs appeared in the cloudy sky above.

Spiraling pillars of fire belched a sea of rising flames, as if he’d suddenly returned to the Ancient Slaughter Formation of Seven. There were some differences, but just like the formation, various changes littered his path without warning.

Thankfully, he was familiar with the formation’s secrets. The seemingly great dangers closing in on him weren’t as threatening as they appeared to be.

“Jiang Chen, don’t worry. The fire is an illusion. I don’t feel any lethal energies coming from them,” the Vermilion Bird secretly sent.

He’d dare face even the...

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