Chapter 1574: Checkpoints of Life and Death

Because Jiang Chen had sorted out his line of thought, everything followed naturally from there. His consciousness suddenly rippled with a finding. He shot towards the distortion he detected with a burst of joy. “This is the place. Open up!”

He leapt confidently into the patch of space. A brilliant flash of lightning-like radiance blasted forth. His body disappeared from the labyrinth with a white flicker. 

In the next moment, peace returned to where he had been. Jiang Chen’s figure had disappeared.


The young man landed back on solid ground. The palace was cleanly behind him, the one they’d just entered. He was now at its back entrance, having entered from the front.

“And just like that, I’m done.” The hint of a smile escaped from his lips. Footsteps came from behind him, followed by applause.

“Not bad, not bad. Not even fifteen minutes for you to get out. It seems you are quite skilled...

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