Chapter 1573: The Second Round

Exactly how many construct puppets there were in these combat grounds was an unknown. They wouldn’t have gotten an answer, in any case. A lot of things were left unanswered.

“Alright, it’s time for all of you to go in!”

The required stay wasn’t long at just seven and a half minutes. It didn’t seem too difficult for anyone to last that long.

But Jiang Chen could sense that this was a lie immediately upon entering. The construct puppets weren’t just for show. They lacked human intelligence, but they were carefully laid out in such a way so as to launch an ambush from almost anywhere.

After entering, the first thing he did was put some distance between the other cultivators and himself. 

He wasn’t afraid of the puppets, per se, as his consciousness was strong enough to judge wherever they could potentially come from. Though the appearance of this trial was rather sudden, he felt up to the task. Rather, it was important to be wary about...

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