Chapter 1572: The Selection Begins

Riotous, feverish sentiment continued to grow. Unperturbed by the crowd around him, Jiang Chen became more cool-headed despite the heated atmosphere. He’d always followed his own heart and done things at his own tempo.

Rank and wealth weren’t why he’d decided to participate. A two million sky spirit stones stipend and a fancy title? None of that was of any consequence. His only goal was to get closer to the city lord manor so that he might grasp more vital information in order to escape Winterdraw. He had no desire to be involved in anything else.

After a long wait, the day of the selection finally arrived. It took place in a wide, spacious area.

The place was jam-packed with candidates, yet their numbers were dwarfed by the ocean of spectators. 

The intense promotional campaign launched through various channels...

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