Chapter 1571: Specifications Rise

Security was heavy around the city lord’s manor.

City Lord Xie Wushang was having a leisurely afternoon nap. Unfortunately for him, the pageboy at the door knocked with urgent news. “City Lord, the chief warden’s messenger wants an audience.”

The wardens held the most power on the island as they represented the Rejuvenation Isles. They grasped everyone’s fate in their hands  and maintained basic order. Of course, all they needed to do was to make sure that nobody escaped. They didn’t care about the darkness, horror, and bloodshed that normally existed on the island.  

In fact, they seemed to prefer it. It was the very essence of Winterdraw Island’s existence.

Among the wardens, the one with the greatest power was their chief. He was the central figure of the island with countless martial dao experts serving him. He held everyone’s fate was in his palms. 

He could kill anyone with just a word if he pleased. Someone like the city lord could...

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