Chapter 1570: A Great Reputation

“Ah Tang?” The commander rubbed his eyes, scarcely able to believe what he was seeing. It really was his wife emerging from the room! She’d been confined to bed all this time, unable to walk. But here she was, pushing through a door to set foot outside! 

Though her steps were a bit weak, it was obvious that she’d recovered a great deal. She had the occasional stumble, but was able to lift her feet and walk out of her own volition.

Most importantly was that there were new traces of vigor in her face. The dullness from prior had been largely displayed, replaced by a trace of ruddy healthiness. This was the complexion of a healthy person.

The commander was beside himself with joy and ran up to welcome his wife, but quickly remembered how the killing intent within him had been the culprit of his wife’s sickness. His hasty steps petered out.

Jiang Chen smiled faintly. “No worries, Commander Young. After the baptism of the wood spirit energy, your wife’s body now contains a circulation of the five elements. As long as you don’t...

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