Chapter 1569: How to Resolve Things

Commander Yong would really find it hard to forgive himself if this was the reason for his wife’s sickness.

Jiang Chen didn’t purposefully dwell on anything and continued. “The theory behind this all is as everlasting as the sky and earth. Your metallic qi keeps attacking the wood qi in your wife’s body. Wood qi rules over one’s vitality and symbolizes to thrive and flourish.

“If wood qi is strongly abundant, then so are one’s bodily operations. If the qi is weak, then that in turn is reflected in one’s body. The five elements within a human body form a natural cycle. However, your wife isn’t a cultivator and can’t create a microcosm of the world in her body like we can. Therefore, she doesn’t have the ability to filter and expel your murderous aura. Chronic decline of vitality is the root of the madam’s illness.”

They’d gone back to the most basic of theories. Most pill masters wouldn’t be able to observe things in such detail, making it impossible to put everything together and lay out the why’s and how’s. This was...

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