Chapter 1568: Diagnosis

Truthfully, Jiang Chen considered Commander Yong’s display rather sincere. He wouldn’t have agreed to the man’s request otherwise, given that he could possibly be walking into a trap.

The commander couldn’t contain his jubilation at Jiang Chen’s agreement.

“Please let me lead the way, Sir Jiang.” The commander astutely dismissed the other guards. “Go back for today. You don’t need to stay with us any more. I’ll mark this down in my book. I appreciate it.”

The guards typically flattered and buttered up the commander at any opportunity. They were more than happy to help the commander even a little bit, so didn’t dare take credit for anything so weighty. All of them made generic protests before excusing themselves.

“I must trouble you, Sir Jiang.” Commander Yong thanked Jiang Chen again.

The young lord nodded slightly. “I’ve noticed that many who live on Winterdraw are cold-blooded, ruthless folk. The lengths to which you cherish your wife, Commander Yong, means that you’re not like them. I agreed to come because...

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