Chapter 1567: Commander Yong of the City Guards

Jiang Chen decided to visit the seven great factions one by one. He could hopefully learn more of the inner workings of this place after doing so. 

A round of visitation was enough to garner rudimentary understanding. No single faction was kind hearted or passive. Each had a base of operations, sufficient authority, and more than enough manpower.

Out of the seven, three were families, two were gangs, and the remaining two were coalition-style organizations like the Southsky Alliance. 

An organization was more loosely knit compared to a family, but they had the advantage of more manpower and resources. The Southsky Alliance had its roots as a mercantile organization.

It had begun as a purely financial entity. When the merchants forming it gained prominence, they began to want for status and prestige. After recruiting a more combat-capable force, the Southsky Alliance was the result.

It was one of the stronger factions among its peers. Its largest advantage was in numbers....

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