Chapter 1566: A Selection Opportunity

“Oh? What opportunity? Tell me about it.” Jiang Chen didn’t mind lending Sir Xiao an ear as the fellow had left him with a rather good impression.

“A selection’s going be held in a few days. It’s being hosted by the city lord.” 

“Oh? What’s it for?” Jiang Chen’s interest was piqued.

“To uncover experts and geniuses of course! The three great factions on Winterdraw have been expanding exponentially in recent years. They’re extremely short on manpower, especially people with real talent. The city lord also needs to strengthen his rule and expand his field of influence. A lot of manpower is needed to support these expansions. Thus, the selection isn’t just for show, but a grand and momentous event. The city lord is taking it very seriously.”

“What do candidates stand to gain if they’re selected?” Jiang Chen asked curiously.

“Plenty! You'll noticed by the city lord and be his direct subordinate. He's one of the most eminent figures on the island, second...

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