Chapter 1565: The Layout of Winterdraw Island

Jiang Chen’s hesitation didn’t surprise Sir Xiao. Rather than continuing, the youth merely looked on with a faint smile. He showed great patience in waiting for an answer.

Jiang Chen mused a few moments before responding. “I can’t come to a decision on that yet. To be honest, I don’t know nearly as much about the Southsky Alliance as I’d like. It should be the same for you. You only know me superficially.”

His response didn't surprise Sir Xiao either.

“Haha, real geniuses are hard to recruit. I was prepared for your refusal from the outset. Still, I do feel a bit better with your explanation. Plus, your wines have given me a rather nice impression.”

“You compliment me too much, Sir Xiao,” Jiang Chen cupped his fist.

“May I ask your surname?”

“Jiang.” Jiang Chen was as curt as could be.

“I see. Not bad, Brother Jiang!” Sir Xiao laughed cheerily. “You’re a first-time visitor to Sin City, yes?”

“Not just that, but Winterdraw Island too. I have little idea as to the goings-on here,” Jiang Chen smiled wryly.

“Oh? So you’re...

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