Chapter 1563: A Narrow Escape

Like a wisp of innocence in unbounded evil, or a ray of sunshine through endless darkness, her smile seemed greatly at odds with the city at large. It was the first touch of good since his arrival on Winterdraw. 

Behind him, a voice boomed like muffled thunder as he returned her smile. “Brat, what are you looking at? Where’s your seal?”

The inspection had reached him.

Jiang Chen frowned in annoyance. It’s just an inspection, why do you have to put on such airs? He remained expressionless as he handed over the seal he’d received not long ago.

“Hmph!” The guard looked at him meaningfully. An almost imperceptible smirk stretched his lips. But no matter how minute, the detail didn’t escape Jiang Chen’s notice.

A bad premonition suddenly struck him. He looked at the guards. Intentionally or not, they just so happened to be surrounding him, cutting off any possible escape. It was an inspection in name, but their focus...

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