Chapter 1562: Little Girl Xing Tong

Jiang Chen stood expressionlessly in the crowd. He observed the middle-aged man, then the girl. The man’s skin was smooth and pale on his palms, the backs of his hands, neck, and face. Rather than an ordinary cultivator, the details screamed a silver spoon bearer.

And the girl, although clothed in crude hemp, was obviously not a servant from a destitute family. The two of them should be more than simple wandering cultivators.

The jeering and heckling from the crowd became a little hard to endure. He suddenly made up his mind and walked out of the crowd to take the man’s pulse.

With an “aiya,” the girl hurried to say, “Don’t touch him, he’s poisoned.”

But Jiang Chen frowned and gestured for her to stand back. He came to a general conclusion after taking the man’s pulse for a moment.

“Girl, it’s a type of poison from pollen. I need to brew an antidote. If you trust me, take me to an apothecary.” His sincerity,...

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