Chapter 1561: Selling Oneself To Save Their Father

“A temporary residence seal will do,” Jiang Chen requested after hearing the explanation.

The other types were admittedly very good and he could pay the price. But even the ten years granted by a bronze seal was too much for him. He couldn’t possibly stay on the island for that long.

Three years would be an intolerable stretch, to say nothing of ten. His one objective was to leave Winterdraw, the sooner the better. One to three months would be enough. And if not, he could just request another. In any case, there were no possibility for a longer stay.

Captain eye-patch relaxed, but then couldn’t help complaining. A temporary seal? This kid is really a bit too stingy!

Yet he didn’t dare express his discontent in the face of Jiang Chen’s intimidating aura. “That’ll be a thousand sky spirit stones.” He soon returned with the seal after taking the money. “There you...

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