Chapter 1560: Sin City

The towering, manliest of men, giant had revealed his tender side when bringing up his daughter.

Jiang Chen smiled blandly, “Aren’t you worried that I’ll pocket your items?”

“I must’ve been stupid or blind to have treated Hou Ole Third like a brother, but my eyes don’t lie this time! An extraordinary person like you would never be interested in what I have! Moreover, you’re not like the others in Winterdraw!” The towering giant declared. 

“I’m no different. I’ll wipe out anybody who threatens me.” Jiang Chen smiled coldly. 

“No no no! That’s precisely why you’re different! You only retaliate when provoked and won’t initiate a fight. You’re not hostile like a ravenous wolf! At the very least, there’s still some humanity inside of you, but that’s not a good thing to have. This is a place where only beastly instincts can help you survive and prosper!”

Jiang Chen frowned. “That’s enough. This isn’t the first time you’ve warned me of this. I have my bottomline. If I abandoned all of my humanity...

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