Chapter 156: Vice Director Yang Wanted to Cry but Had No Tears Left

Chapter 156: Vice Director Yang Wanted to Cry but Had No Tears Left

Although Jiang Chen said that he wouldn’t inquire after the internal matters of the Dragonteeth Guard when he left and that this matter wasn’t over, all of this sounded like weak, superficial words to Lu Wuji’s ears.

If Jiang Chen really did have guts, he would have seized the best timing to lose his temper and make a scene immediately. When this timing was over and the matter had passed, who would pay attention to him, a foreign village buffoon even if he wanted to pursue it?

“He’s definitely a village buffoon from a small place. He has no guts at all. He scared me for no reason. Ah forget it, forget it. Although old man Zhou doesn’t like me, he has nothing on me with uncle there holding down the fort!”

Lu Wuji felt even more reassured when his thoughts traveled down this point. If it hadn’t been Zhou Kai holding the Dragontooth emblem in his hand, he likely would’ve immediately gotten up and swaggered out of the place.

Jiang Chen had somewhat surprised Lu Wuji in his lack of pursuing the matter immediately.

What was even more surprising was that even Zhou Kai didn’t seem to have the intention of pursuing this any further. He simply waved his hands, “Pray that...

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