Chapter 1559: Good Guy Chen

“Moreover, Winterdraw has patrol teams as well as various factions vigilant against each other. They all want to get off, you see. This place has seen hundreds of millions of prisoners, but less than ten have ever successfully escaped. Do you understand what that means?” The thin man retorted.

Jiang Chen didn’t believe what the man was saying. “Is your thin brother over here telling the truth?”

“Pah! I don’t have a brother like him. He’s spineless, cowardly, and scared of death. On Winterdraw, anyone like that is the first to die!”

The big man glared at Jiang Chen with reddened eyes. “I’m not scared of you. Kill me if you want. I’ve had enough of this awful place, anyways!”

“If you’re not scared of death, why are you afraid of telling me the truth?” Jiang Chen replied coldly.

The big man blinked. “What?”

Jiang Chen frowned. “I asked you if he told the truth.”

“Are you crazy enough to think of escape?” the big man mocked. “You better forget about it right...

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