Chapter 1558: The Place of Exile

The two men were completely helpless before the Confounding Puppets. They were hauled up to Jiang Chen like dead dogs.

If Jiang Chen hadn’t toned down the force of his puppets beforehand, they would’ve been puddles of blood already.

The thin man lay prostrate on the ground, devoting himself to vehement begging. “Sir, sir, I was too blind to know how great you were. I’ve inadvertently offended you and I deserve utter misery!”

He was clearly not a principled man. He wasn’t planning on resisting at all and was the perfect image of kneeling cooperation. In fact, it seemed that he itched to pounce and lick Jiang Chen’s feet.

Jiang Chen didn’t enjoy such a reprehensive sight. Someone like this was absolutely vicious when he got his way, and pretended to be a dead dog when he lost. There was no compassion to be wasted for men such as these.

“Hou Ole Third,” the big man cursed, “why won’t you grow a spine? Damn it,...

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