Chapter 1556: Three Sites of Ruins

Jiang Chen’s seriousness led Su Huanzhen to sober up as well. “What is it? Go ahead and ask, young lord.”

“I want to know if there are any suspicious ancient formations or sites within your sect’s territory.” Jiang Chen’s eyes glittered as he gazed intently at Su Huanzhen.

The older woman pondered a moment. “Our lands are in the southeast and weren’t a core area to Divine Abyss in ancient times. Still, there are a few ancient sites scattered around. The sect’s past generations have investigated them to a degree, but no secret realms exist so far as we can tell. Obviously, no treasure was to be found either.”

“Can you take me to see them, Sect Head Su?” Jiang Chen looked extremely keen.

He hadn’t come to brave any secret realms or excavate any treasure. He wanted to look for a secret formation leading to Myriad Abyss Island. A formation like that was sure to exist only in a mysterious ancient site. Normal people wouldn’t be able to even comprehend what they were seeing.


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