Chapter 1555: The Celestial Cicada Court

After settling everything, Jiang Chen meditated for a few days to sort out his thoughts. He went over many possibilities of his trip in his mind. Though he couldn’t make preparations for every eventuality, he could prepare enough to mitigate most potential surprises.

On this day, Jiang Chen quietly headed out of Veluriyam to the southeast. He didn’t bring any humans along, but he did bring the Goldbiter Rats and the three sacred beasts – the Vermilion Bird, Long Xiaoxuan, and Little White.

He had three of the four ancient sacred beasts and was missing only the Black Tortoise. His secret aspiration and ambition was to acquire a Black Tortoise and thereby gather the bloodlines of all four ancient sacred beasts. Once converged, they corresponded to the laws of heaven and earth by fulfilling the five elements and would form their own minor cosmos.

Getting his hands on a specimen of that bloodline was much harder said than done. He had a vague idea and hope, but wasn’t lost in it.

Lightly equipped, Jiang Chen...

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