Chapter 1554: Final Preparations

Old Crane felt steadier after hearing Jiang Chen’s statement.

“I don’t talk big. I will safeguard the human domain for now, until you return victorious from your expedition. What I can guarantee is that any empyrean expert, whether they came for the tea party or not, will not cause trouble for Veluriyam. Anyone who does will regret it for his entire life!”

This was a hefty commitment.

Jiang Chen bowed. “I am all the more relieved despite my imminent departure. Thank you for your words.”

Old Crane was further reassured after receiving more secrets from Jiang Chen. The Way to Grand Ascension had satisfied him a great deal.

Jiang Chen did not become freer after sending Old Crane off. His next order of affairs was increasing Sacred Peafowl Mountain’s level of fortification. The Nine Sparks Petalstorm Formation could no longer handle the current state of affairs. He had set up the formation in order to ward off peak great emperors like Pillzenith, not empyrean experts.

He needed to raise it to the level of the Hundred Sparks Petalstorm...

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