Chapter 1553: Old Crane’s Promise

The tea party became much more cheerful once the greatest benefit had been distributed. Holding a copy of the “Grand Ascension” as their most treasured possession, the empyrean guests were all smiles, praising Jiang Chen to the high heavens. 

Some had been guarded against him, or even hostile, but such thoughts were now a distant memory. The young lord had completely won them over.

They sat down to discuss martial dao. Jiang Chen also participated, generously sprinkling a few ideas here and there, intoxicating them with his knowledge. Envious, they all shared the same thought: a strong teacher was truly a blessing!

The gathering lasted for a full three days in a festive mood. 

Almost all the participants expressed their willingness to rejoin the fray and shoulder mankind’s cause.

Jiang Chen had no other stringent requirements. He simply said, “Seniors, you’ve lived in seclusion, yet haven’t forgotten...

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