Chapter 1552: The Road To Divinity

A self-collected man, Old Crane asked with a deep breath, “Young lord, doesn’t that mean the Grand Ascension can…”

Jiang Chen nodded immediately. “Yes. The senior said that if I can fully comprehend it, I can at least reach the peak of empyrean realm. If destined to, I can even shed the material plane for a higher plane of existence.”

Even a personage like Old Crane shook all over. With an intense stare, he whispered, “Did the senior mention what kind of plane that is?”

“Above the empyrean realm lies the road to godhood, where both the soul and the flesh can communicate with the divine. At that stage, apart from heavenly tribulations, there’s no limit to one’s lifespan. One can survive as long as the universe exists.”

This had been common knowledge in Jiang Chen’s past life.

As the son of a celestial emperor, he’d been a prominent figure standing above the masses. The...

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