Chapter 1551: The Way to Grand Ascension

Even though each guest was an empyrean master, they couldn’t help being moved by the word “benefit.” In the secular world, perhaps Veluriyam’s young lord was the only one who could tempt them in this manner.

“Gentlemen, I have the beginning of a mantra here. Please peruse it at your leisure.” Jiang Chen unfurled a sheepskin scroll containing a passage he’d personally written; it was only a few hundred characters in total.

He handed it to Xue Tong so that the latter could pass it to Old Crane, the one with the highest prestige out of all the empyrean masters.

The elder was satisfied by the young lord’s obvious high regard. He brought out a talisman and offered it to Xue Tong in return. “Thank you, little friend. This talisman is an empyrean defense talisman. Consider it my humble gift as thanks for hosting us these past two days.”

Xue Tong had been...

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