Chapter 1550: The Martial Dao Tea Party

In the guest quarters, Jiang Chen made his farewells and bid his men to take good care of his distinguished guests.

Old Crane was in a solemn mood. He felt quite distressed and rather guilty after conversing with Jiang Chen.

Off to the side, Zhu Yun was huffing indignantly. “Jiang Chen is too young after all. He doesn’t understand how to converse in polite society. He glorifies the demons and disparages his fellow humans!”

Old Crane knew that Zhu Yun was quick to jump to conclusions and didn’t have any bad intentions. He shifted his glance to Liu Yuan instead. “Liu Yuan, what do you think?” The person in question was in deep thought. This was an issue that needed to be considered seriously.

“Old Crane, Jiang Chen's words are harsh, but I do agree with him. The human race has weakened greatly after the ancient war. Most of our ancient heritage was either taken to Myriad Abyss Island or has vanished completely. As it currently stands, our current foundations and strength aren’t even a tenth of our...

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