Chapter 155: Lu Wuji is On His Knees

Chapter 155: Lu Wuji is On His Knees

Lu Wuji was a bit surprised to see Zhou Kai appear with a prevailing thirst for blood. “Vice Director Zhou, what brings you here?”

Zhou Kai itched to slap Lu Wuji to death right now. He didn’t even look at him as he roared, “All of you, drop your weapons and kneel. Otherwise, you’ll be treated as traitors of the Dragonteeth Guard!”

As one of the four directors of the Dragonteeth Guard, Zhou Kai was the first vice director, but he usually only handled financial matters and rarely inquired after affairs of the Dragonteeth Guard. As a result, he did not have too much influence within the Dragonteeth Guard.

Therefore, when this command was given, the team on Lu Wuji’s side all looked at each other with some embarrassment before they all looked unanimously at Lu Wuji.

Who knew that this gesture would thoroughly pierce Zhou Kai’s self esteem as an elder of the Dragonteeth Guard. He was number two of the Guard, but no one moved to execute an order he’d given.

It looked like the tiger had been asleep for so long that not even this group of Dragonteeth Guard paid him proper respect, and instead treated him as a paper tiger!

Lu Wuji had a face full of shock as the vice director drew near, “Vice Director Zhou,...

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