Chapter 1549: Convening

Sacred Peafowl Mountain, Veluriyam Capital.

Jiang Chen delegated the responsibility of the martial dao tea party to Jingzhong Hui. Emperor Wellspring was called emperor no more. The city had taken to calling him Elder Hui, or sometimes Elder Jing.

In the same way, Emperor Peerless had become Elder Mo.

After breaking through to great emperor, Jiang Chen assigned the bulk of menial work to his subordinates. His focus was on personal cultivation. He had plans that once the human domain settled down a bit, he would make a trip to Myriad Abyss Island.

It’d been several years since Huang’er’s departure. It would be a lie to say that Jiang Chen wasn’t worried about her. Xiahou Jing’s nature was evidence that his entire house was a brood of vipers. If Huang’er really did become Xiahou Zong’s cultivation vessel, she would surely meet with a miserable end.

“Young lord, we’ve received a calling card.” Xue Tong came in with the card in question.

Jiang Chen took and perused it with a frown. “Old Man Cranecry? Who’s that?...

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