Chapter 1548: Old Crane’s Ideas

“Liu Yuan, you speak.” Old Crane named another cultivator. From his understanding of these men’s personalities, he trusted this one much more than the last speaker.

Liu Yuan was none other than the earliest arrival to Craneseat Mountain, the cultivator in green robes.

“Old Crane, after Jiang Chen’s victory over the Embittered Savages, his right to rule is unquestioned in the various domains. I assume he’s achieved some sort of breakthrough a few days ago and is riding that high to extend the tea invitation. Apparently, there will be amazing gifts at the martial dao tea party.”

“Amazing gifts?” Old Crane smiled faintly. “He’s just a mortal boy, is he not? He isn’t empyrean realm yet. What gifts can he give that would amaze us?” This question was based in doubt rather than ridicule.

“We thought it odd, too. That’s why we came to you, Old Crane.”

The old man cracked a wry smile. “But there’s no need for that, is there? If you want to go, feel free...

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