Chapter 1547: Social Circles of the Secluded Experts

There were quite a few empyrean experts still living in the human domain, but only seven or eight was in touch with each other. The now-dead Shu Wanqing had been a part of this network.

In fact, the old man’s death had caused a wave of heated debate in the small circle. Some expressed their indignation and declared that Jiang Chen should be harshly punished. Others didn’t care at all since the matter wasn’t personally relevant to them. A few were extreme enough to announce they were going to slaughter the entirety of Veluriyam Capital, in a display of empyrean power.

However, none of them carried out their threats in the end.

The ones calling for heavy-handed tactics fell silent after repeatedly discovering exactly how tough of a nut Jiang Chen was.

The glacial old man who had descended upon Veluriyam was among their ranks. Finding only failure at the city, he’d rounded up several other experts to seek revenge. Some made excuses as to their busyness, others...

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