Chapter 1545: Be My Servant

Forefather Bamboo forcibly suppressed his temper. “You have us in the bag. What do you want, Jiang Chen? Speak plainly.”

“I can show mercy… with a few conditions, of course,” Jiang Chen rolled his words out slowly.

“What conditions? State them.” A ray of hope flashed across the forefather’s heart.

“The first is very easy. You will be my servant, Forefather Bamboo.”

Like a bolt of lightning, Jiang Chen’s words crashed into those who heard them.

“Are you crazy?” the forefather blurted out.

Jiang Chen’s smile grew only wider. “So you’d rather die? Alright, that’s the end of our discussion then. I hadn’t planned for diplomacy from the start anyways.” His face darkened after dropping this.

The forefather had wanted to bargain with Jiang Chen, but the human’s lack of reception and contrarian demeanor revealed someone more experienced than even the forefather.

“Hold on!” The Savage’s heart sank when he saw Jiang Chen pull out his Holy Dragon Bow once more. The young man looked ready...

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