Chapter 1544: Time to Reap Rewards

“Have they entered the tent yet?” Jiang Chen leisurely waited for news atop Sacred Peafowl Mountain. Sure enough, the Goldbiter Rats soon informed him that Forefather Embittered Bamboo and the three chieftains had taken King Gunuo up on his invitation.

“Without a doubt, young lord Chen,” the rat king answered firmly.

Jiang Chen casually rose to his feet and barked with confident laughter. “Haha! They say that the best way to win a battle is through the use of strategy, resulting in a bloodless victory!”

He’d already assembled a large army that could go toe-to-toe against the Savages, but just because he could, didn’t mean he should. A war had to be avoided if possible as the Savages were ferocious and deadly. With Veluriyam’s current strength, the war would only end with huge losses on both sides. Victory would have to come at great cost. 

That outcome was wholly undesirable as many of his close subordinates could lose...

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