Chapter 1543: Plans And Changes In Plans

Traveling at full speed, Forefather Bamboo finally caught up to Greenplume Village as the latter marched toward Pillfire. His arrival caused a flurry of trepidation, but that didn’t provoke displeasure. Instead, he asked King Greenplume, “Are you in contact with the other villages?”

King Greeplume shook his head nervously. “We agreed to keep in touch at first, but everyone went their own way and we haven’t really heard from them since.”

Forefather Bamboo’s expression changed drastically. “Aren’t you afraid of being ambushed by the humans? All of you are acting so rashly!”

King Greenplume had no excuses to offer. Though the forefather was keeping his temper in check, his displeasure was plain to see.

“Forget it, I don’t blame you. My delayed arrival has thrown a wrench in our battle plans. What a pity.” The forefather sighed. “I hope everyone will reach Veluriyam without a hitch.”

He wasn’t as confident as he sounded....

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