Chapter 1542: Accomplishing All With One Operation

His eyes as sharp as an eagle’s, King Gunuo swept his consciousness through his warriors while Jiang Chen deployed the God’s Eye and the Evil Golden Eye. With the young lord’s keen and penetrating insight, he could see clear as day who was genuine through and through, and who had second thoughts.

Most warriors were fiercely loyal to King Gunuo, ready to follow him without so much as a blink or a thought. But there was a suspicious glint in the eyes of some. No matter how faint, it didn’t escape Jiang Chen. His consciousness immediately locked onto these people.

“Since you’re following me, you have to swear an oath,” the Gunuo king remarked faintly. “Whether we succeed or fail, your lives and that of your families will be on the line. Everyone needs to be responsible for their own actions.”

“Right, we need to swear!”

“What if some bastard betrays the chieftain?” They cooperated willingly, each swearing the...

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