Chapter 1541: Subduing the King of Gunuo Village

Jiang Chen relaxed at this moment instead. He stepped forward with leisure and changed the subject. “King Gunuo, you make it sound like you four chieftains don’t have the highest authority in your tribe?”

“The highest authority naturally belongs to Forefather Embittered Bamboo. All four villages obey him because he’s the master of the Temple, the center of our faith. He can communicate with our gods.”

“Communicate with your gods? Do you really believe that?” Jiang Chen smiled lazily. “Tell me about his cultivation.”

King Gunuo felt a bit awkward. “I don’t know exactly, but his cultivation is above us four chieftains. Some even suspect he’s sixth level empyrean realm!”

“Oh?” The young lord quirked an eyebrow. Such a master would be an existence to be reckoned with.

Even in the heavenly planes, this strength would result in a decent status. Once at greater empyrean level, a man of common birth could be...

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