Chapter 1540: Taking Them All

“You… you are the young lord of Veluriyam Capital?” King Gunuo wasn’t slow on the uptake. He immediately reacted to the youth’s age and bearing. This couldn’t be someone from the Heavenly Dragon Sect!

Jiang Chen smiled placidly. “You have a keen eye. What a shame you came to the human domain to forfeit your life. Shall I oblige you?”

The king paled. He finally realized that his intuition had been warning him about this poison formation rather than an ambush!

The formation had been cleverly set up to obscure all traces of its existence. When he’d finally noticed, the poison had already invaded his consciousness.

King Gunuo squinted at Jiang Chen through half-closed eyes. If I can take him down, maybe I can force him to give me the antidote! This is my last chance!

He knew that his current condition was awful. If he started a fight, the poison would only act quicker. But he had little choice otherwise.

He pounced like a shadow in Jiang Chen’s vicinity.

The four stone golem brothers...

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