Chapter 154: The General Director’s Choice

Chapter 154: The General Director’s Choice

The three directors had once again convened in the Dragonteeth Guard headquarters.

Shangguan Yi didn’t say anything, but Zhou Kai and Qi Tiannan’s words were almost entirely of the same line, the same version under different circumstances.

And the crux of the conflicted all pointed to one person in the Dragonteeth Guard -- Lu Wuji.

“General Director, Lu Wuji is the nephew of Vice Director Yang. His reputation has never been the greatest. Elder Ning and Vice Head Shi are all enraged because of the same person. They say that he distorted the truth and twisted justified self defense into a crime. Not only that, he tore Elder Ning’s note up and almost beat the person Vice Head Shi had sent. Wouldn’t you say that this Lu Wuji has utter contempt of all laws and regulation?”

At this moment, Shangguan Yi finally understood why Elder Fei was so angry. If it had been him, Shangguan Yi, who had been bafflingly arrested and clapped into the Black Dungeons, he would also be quite angry and likely even worse off than them.

“Do you know who Lu Wuji has arrested?” Shangguan Yi probed.

“I’m not sure, Elder Ning says he’s her friend.”

“Shi Xiaoyao also said he’s his friend, but he didn’t say his name.”

Shangguan Yi sighed, “His...

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