Chapter 1539: The Gunuo King’s Anxieties

After bringing out the map to analyze their current progress, the Gunuo army livened up. The Heavenly Dragon Sect was indeed very near.

“Past this river is a valley. Beyond that are the sect’s sacred grounds. That sect styles itself the third strongest sect in the human domain and is rumored to have an ancient dragon heritage. We won’t be going home empty-handed today!” The elder rained encouragement.

“Great. Let’s go now, we don’t need to rest! It’s just a valley!”

“There won’t be that many dangers in that valley, right?”

“Haha, do you think dangers will be allowed to remain in a valley near the sect’s home base?”

“That’s true. So the valley should be safe then!”

“Come on. We’ll see if it’s safe or not. The chieftain is leading us and we have many elders with us. Do you think they’ll miss anything?”

The Gunuo warriors shone with greed for the Heavenly Dragon Sect’s goods. Their cleanout of the Moon God Sect had given them a taste of the spoils...

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