Chapter 1538: Counterplans

News steadily passed on to Jiang Chan through the Goldbiter Rat King.

“Taking four different routes?” Jiang Chen was truly dumbstruck this time. Was this what the four great armies had finally come up with after biding their time for so long?

The Savages were isolated in enemy territory. Weakening their forces by dividing them was a cardinal military sin. The young lord was shocked by the enemy’s decision. Not out of fear, but stupefied by the sheer idiocy.

“These Savages must have mush for brains. Don’t they have any fear? What do they take us for?” He smiled wryly despite himself.

Wellspring muttered, “They’ve always been known for bravery rather than intricate schemes. I’d be dubious if they could come up with any profound war plans.” To tell the truth, despite the great emperor’s wisdom, he couldn’t fathom the enemy’s intentions...

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