Chapter 1537: A Plan of Splitting Troops

In the northwestern lands, the four great Savage armies occupying Moon God Sect territory teemed with impatience. Forefather Bamboo ought to have arrived a month ago, but he was still nowhere to be seen.

They’d received word that he’d been held up by something. Meanwhile, the villages weren’t to act rashly, but to stay put and wait. But their patience had worn thin.

On this day, the upper echelons had gathered together.

“Everyone, we don’t know when the forefather will grace us with his presence. By waiting here, we’re giving the humans more time to prepare. This really… goes against our fast and furious style!”

“Definitely? We come and go like the wind. That’s our main advantage. If we give the humans enough time to prepare, that’s shooting ourselves in the foot. All of their factions have been scared stiff and have taken refuge in Veluriyam. They’ve taken all the good stuff with them. Even if we go loot them...

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