Chapter 1536: The Disheartened Forefather Bamboo

Forefather Bamboo and the Savages had never been ones for appropriate conduct, but like anyone else, they were harsher on others than on themselves. It was fine enough oppressing others, but they would never stand for being toyed with!

Sure enough, the voice chuckled remotely. “Isn’t trespassing on another race’s lands a specialty of yours? What, are you the only ones allowed to? Can’t I come and take a stroll in your domain?”

“Oh?” Looking pensive, Forefather Bamboo’s eyes suddenly lit up. “I understand now. Human?” He broke out into hearty laughter. “It’s hard to imagine. Humans have always been weak and timid as a mouse, but you must be a powerful one to dare make trouble in my holy land.”

“You’re right. And what of it?”

The clouds suddenly roiled downwards, as if some sort of power was pressing down on the entire sky. Countless bolts of purple lightning snaked amongst the clouds like snakes...

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