Chapter 1535: The Embittered Savages’ Holy Land

Jiang Chen pondered for a moment, but to no avail. He waved his hand. “Oh well, let’s maintain the status quo in that case. Rather than keep guessing at their plans, we’ll continue improving our strength and be ready for no matter what they throw at us.” 

“Understood.” Wellspring smiled.

That was why he admired the young lord. Despite Jiang Chen’s age, he didn’t panic in the face of all of these strange events. It spoke volumes about his courage, his broadness of vision, and his confidence. Such a leader was born to achieve great things.

Peerless laughed. “I was convinced the moment I laid my eyes on the young lord I should be friends with him and not enemies. Hahaha!”

Indeed, he’d favored the young man ever since their first meeting in Pillfire, when Jiang Chen had posed as Shao Yuan.

“Gentlemen, don’t worry and continue cultivating diligently. In the troubled times to come, there will be ample opportunities for leading...

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