Chapter 1534:The Mysterious Chain Seal

The ancient scriptures didn’t interest Jiang Chen one bit. He’d already committed to memory a vault’s worth of scriptures that were much more profound in every aspect. However, the scriptures belonged to the human race and should percolate back to society.

He flipped through them briefly, a rough plan already in mind. 

After that, he went through the rest of the items in Shu Wanqing’s storage ring but found nothing else of use. Just as he was about to conclude his findings, a box hidden in a corner caught his eye.

Hmm? Why’s a box wedged into this tiny crevice? 

His curiosity was piqued; he was taken by the box that’d appeared after everything else had been accounted for.

He picked it up but didn’t open it in a hurry. He placed it far away and tapped a concealed weapon on the box’s lock. Kerchunk! The lock snapped opened, revealing the contents inside.

Contrary to his expectation,...

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