Chapter 1533: I’m Rich!

The last talisman shook Jiang Chen to the core. It was a rare specimen of a concealing talisman.

Concealing talismans were incredible in that they concealed every trace of one’s presence. Invisible to eyes, inaudible to ears, undetectable to consciousness, completely melded into the song of the void. Only those with the sharpest consciousnesses could notice that something was awry through the tiniest of disturbances.

Concealing talismans were favored by assassins, but they were also extremely difficult to make. Very few of them existed in the world.

The value of a concealing talisman far surpassed an offensive or defensive talisman of the same level. Its uses for sneak attacks aside, it could also be used to aid one’s flight in case of danger.

The talisman was perfect for both offense and defense. But of course, it was of questionable effectiveness against especially powerful...

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